Andy Kim’s Illegal Property Tax Break

Andy Kim collected an illegal property tax break on his nearly million dollar condo in Washington, D.C. MacArthur for Congress ran this ad extensively in Burlington County throughout the month of August:

He falsely claimed that he was entitled to this tax break during an appearance on NJTV:

– When Andy Kim paid the 2017 tax bill on his $826,000 Washington, D.C. condo on September 15, 2017, Andy Kim claimed a $72,450 homestead tax credit intended for people whose principal place of residence is Washington, D.C. or who are domiciled there. This was over 4 months after he registered to vote in New Jersey.

– The District of Columbia Office of Tax & Revenue notes on every tax bill that home owners who are no longer eligible for this substantial tax credit because they are not domiciled in D.C. or do not consider it their primary residence “are obligated to inform” the office in writing within 30 days to cancel the tax relief.

– As of his March 31, 2018, Andy Kim’s D.C tax bill (issued on March 1, 2018) still showed him as eligible for the tax deduction of $73,350 intended for D.C. residents.  His current tax bill on the D.C. condo shows that he is no longer eligible.

– Kim claimed in an April 18, 2018, Burlington County Times story that he paid back the tax deduction that he improperly collected until the MacArthur campaign started making noise about it, but never released the official correspondence revealing when he did it.

Andy Kim’s Resume Problems

Andy Kim was caught embellishing his resume and exaggerated his role in military and national security affairs. His behavior is very similar to that of Jon Ossoff — who was defeated in a Georgia special election — in large part because of embellishments about his job. Andy Kim even changed the language on his web site and was criticized by local veterans:

Andy claimed he was a “strategic adviser” to America’s top generals in Afghanistan. Official government documents have listed Andy as a “note-taker” and media reports have referred to him as a “junior level” aide. Kim even claimed on his web site – before deleting the information – that he helped “lead a global war against ISIS”.

Andy Kim’s exaggerations and his comparison to a Purple Heart recipient led one local combat veteran, Ryan Peters, to say, “It’s completely laughable and offensive. I’ll give civil service its due but he wasn’t fighting the way John Kerry was and most veterans. That line shouldn’t have been used. Once you start to equate yourself to guys who have experienced being shot at everyday, you’re going to get pissed off people. It’s not stolen valor … but I would say it’s stolen honor.” The full article can be found here:

Mr. Kim recently found himself struggling to explain an embellishment in his latest TV ad. You can find more information about it below.

MacArthur for Congress recently launched a web video, which featured Andy Kim being praised as someone who, “has literally gone overseas to fight and sacrifice his life.” That ad can be viewed here:

Andy Kim: Leader of the Extreme “Resistance”

Congressman MacArthur works with President Trump when it’s good for the district and isn’t afraid to speak up when the President is moving in a direction that is not good for the district. Meanwhile, Andy Kim is another resistance figure, who will vote against the President on everything, all the time.

Andy Kim founded and served on the Board of Directors for an extreme organization – Rise Stronger – that has aligned itself with an individual who called for “jihad” against the United States government and that promoted books authored by convicted cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. More information can be found here:

Andy Kim has taken thousands of dollars from extreme politicians who want to abolish ICE and even refused to defend ICE when asked 16 times. There is over 8 minutes of footage available at this link:

He even raised money with an extreme politician who has voted against the district’s largest employer (Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst) repeatedly:

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